"Make a badge that speaks volumes about a strong idea you'd like to stand for."Displaying a message is not trivial. Words and images are assembled and displayed on us, in the public space, in the media...And they are imprinted in our minds! In the form of games, let's create messages and think about their impact. The social demands and struggles that have marked our history and that of our neighborhood will serve as a basis for reflection.The challenge given to you is: how to summarize a strong idea and make it visible. In a few words, in a few lines, on a small piece of metal like a medal, you are the bearer of a message, of a value.Pin it on your jacket when you leave!

Contact & reservation

For all requests and reservations, please use this form.
Each workshop lasts 3 hours and costs 140€ per group

Monday to Friday

8:30 am to 5:30 pm


  • This price is applicable thanks to various public aid schemes for certain groups (Brussels schools, partnerships, associations, etc.).
  • Apart from these partnerships, a workshop costs €14 TVAC per participant for a group (15 to 25 participants).
  • However, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possible partnerships for your organisation.