"Just like in a factory, two production teams assemble blocks to produce modules and play the game of market demands."With the help of images, navigate the road to industrialization. Take a look at Brussels' industrial past, and in particular that of the canal zone.Put on your helmets and aprons and set up your own assembly lines. Organize and reorganize your teams, but don't forget: quality and quantity are the inseparable objectives of your company!What questions and lessons will be revealed during these moments spent assembling dozens of identical modules? Films, discussions, examples and counter-examples will serve as a basis for our exchanges and reflections on existing production models.

Contact & reservation

For all requests and reservations, please use this form.
Each workshop lasts 3 hours and costs 140€ per group

Monday to Friday

8:30 am to 5:30 pm


  • This price is applicable thanks to various public aid schemes for certain groups (Brussels schools, partnerships, associations, etc.).
  • Apart from these partnerships, a workshop costs €14 TVAC per participant for a group (15 to 25 participants).
  • However, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possible partnerships for your organisation.