COOP wishes to contribute to an equitable, free and just society. This declaration has a particular resonance in the Brussels canal districts given the social and economic difficulties of the populations. COOP allows everyone to better understand how these neighborhoods have developed; what are the social, economic and cultural issues of today and to imagine the roles to take on in order to be an active citizen tomorrow. The experimentation of active pedagogy and the practical group workshops aim to develop the spirit of cooperation and initiative among the visitors. These workshops are intended for children, school groups and associations. COOP is a tool available to associations, schools and collectives that have positive projects for the future of the canal neighbourhoods. This approach of co-programming and cooperation within COOP allows us to put all the chances on our side!

COOP it must be done together!This is our slogan!

At COOP, everyone comes to understand but also to produce objects, to make shows, to develop ideas…

In the COOP’s Casting and Fabrik we have a surprising space where you can put yourself in the shoes of a carpenter, mechanic, leatherworker, cook, computer scientist, graphic designer, lock director, theater actor, singer, gardener,…

Awakening workshops

From 5 years old


COOP offers you from the youngest age to discover different aspects of the canal through the 5 senses! We will look, smell, touch or listen to places such as a century-old garden, a bridge with an industrial past, ... and why not make the streetcar rails sing in the STIB workshop right next door!

A classic at the COOP!Come and discover all aspects of the canal: making bread, building wooden boats, understanding how an ecosystem works... In short, come and discover our neighborhoods and have fun with us.

Discovery workshops


Workshops of the popular channel


Explore the themes of the canal's working-class neighborhoods.During the 6 sessions you will have the opportunity to discover the aspects of the canal in depth while leaving room for your creativity.

Do you want to contribute to active citizenship?No doubt that our engaged workshops are made for you!Over the course of 6 sessions, a group is introduced to participation and civic engagement around the themes of working-class neighborhoods.

Engaged workshops


Cooperative Workshops


COOP offers a series of workshops, activities and trainings for neighbors and Brussels residents in general.All this is... free!Come and have a good time and meet new people at COOP!

Our facilitators

Lula Béry

Born in 1969 in the Parisian suburbs, Lula Béry grew up in France. She moved to Brussels in 1991 to train as an actress at INSAS, from which she graduated in 1994.

An “all-round” actress, she has been active for 25 years on both Belgian and international stages, performing in French and Dutch in numerous theatrical creations.

At the same time, she works for cinema and television. Since 2010, she is co-artistic director with Barbara Sylvain of the company Oh my god with whom she develops and produces theatrical and documentary projects.

As a nature lover and environmentalist, she has recently completed a nature guide course at the Cercle des Naturalistes de Belgique.

Véronique Verheyen

My experience as an art director and graphic designer allows me to stimulate and encourage children and young people to develop creatively, inspiring them and helping them discover their talents.

What I like about COOP is the meeting between creativity and know-how, between the past and the present, and all this in a relaxed atmosphere.

I also give educational tours and creative workshops at Gaasbeek Castle and at the Felixart Museum in Drogenbos.

Bart Hofman

Having a master’s degree in audiovisual arts in animation since 2006, I started working in the cultural and socio-cultural world as an illustrator.

Since 2009, I have been an animator and creator of workshops for museums, cultural centers, socio-cultural organizations and, since a few years, for COOP.

Today, in addition to being a freelance illustrator, teacher, guide, animator, I actively participate in the creation of COOP’s workshops so that they are adapted for both young and old.

Creative work with children and teenagers is a real passion for me.

Indeed, it is with great pride that I lead workshops around the themes of working-class neighborhoods and that I strive to develop critical thinking.

In short, whether it is the creation, animation and organization of educational and creative workshops, my job gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

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